Trendspotting: Cut It Out | 04.29.14

Cut outs are nothing new, but laser cutting has been making a bold statement lately! The intricate cut outs created by laser cutting are soft and feminine, but at the same time striking and elegant. They show some skin, but not too much. They are playful, but not junior. Laser cut details add a certain je ne sais pas to any look and they are hitting all the right notes this spring!

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marchesa on point | the chriselle factor | tory burch garden tote | lovely lanterns | freaking sweet wood clock | window dressing

how do you rock your laser cut?


Linzeelu, Thank You

Table Top: Easter | 04.18.14

Happy Spring & happy (almost) Easter! It’s a beautiful time of year to celebrate with the ones we love. I present, for your consideration, a collection of table top ideas for dressing your dining table this weekend (or any day you might fancy this Spring)!

Table Top: Easter | Spring Tablescape Ideas | Linzeelu Thank You

Strike the right chord with a vibrant blend of Spring colors (cobalt & coral, anyone?), and keep it balanced with crisp white and barely-notice-you-but-still-need-you clear.

Table Top: Easter | Spring Tablescape Ideas | Linzeelu Thank You

Clean and simple is always classic. Simple lines in muted earth tones keep things feeling sophisticated and chic.

Table Top: Easter | Spring Tablescape Ideas | Linzeelu Thank You

Inject some whimsy – use an eclectic mix of dishes to play up the fun. Keep it all in the same color family to keep it cohesive.

Table Top: Easter | Spring Tablescape Ideas | Linzeelu Thank You

Go glam with drama – keep the palette simple with basic black and white (with a touch of green of course) but play up height & proportion.

Table Top: Easter | Spring Tablescape Ideas | Linzeelu Thank You

Run with a rustic style – add wood elements (planter boxes or charger plates, etc), vintage or thrifted dishes and plenty of laid back vibes.

bluesy | simple | eclectic | glam | rustic


Whatever your style & whatever you are celebrating, I hope it’s all filled with love and laughter. Some of the best times are those relaxed moments around the dinner table with friends, family, wine, memories and laughs.


How do you decorate for Spring?


Linzeelu, Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I’ve Ever Seen | 04.17.14

I was sifting through all the Easter & Spring inspired crafts over on Pinterest and I found myself so enchanted with all of the beautiful and whimsical ideas. There are cute projects to do with the kids, bright & fresh recipe ideas, my favorite floral display idea and tons of decor projects.

What really caught my eye, though, were all the fun and vibrant Easter Eggs on display. There were SO many ideas. Easter egg decorating has come a really long way from when I was a kid and we got a kit that we mixed with vinegar (if I remember correctly), with a flimsy wire spoon thingy. It was a big deal when the kit came with that invisible writing crayon that revealed your design after the dying. Oh, memories.

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs I Have Ever Seen | Linzeelu Thank You

au natural | napkin wrapped | ombre (of course) | floral crown anyone? | ikat | glitter! | just wow. | foiled

And the list goes on and on. There are some very creative and patient people out there.

Do you still decorate eggs? How do you decorate with the kiddos?


Linzeelu, Thank You

Wanderlust 03: Paris | 4.16.14

There are few things I love more in this world than traveling. The sights, the culture, the adventure of it all. It’s thrilling and exhausting and satisfying. But when there is neither time nor money for the biggest dreamed adventures, there’s wanderlust.

03. Paris [in Springtime]

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime | Linzeelu Thank You

storefront charm | le petit dejeuner | La Tour Eiffel | le consulat | une femmeblooms en Paris

There’s no place in the world I’d rather see and no time of year I’d rather see it. I dream about it all year round, but most of all in the spring. In lieu of seeing it in person, I take inspiration from the sunlight-filtered colors of Spring and the vibrant storefront shades.

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime Dining Room | Linzeelu Thank You

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime Green Dream | Linzeelu Thank You

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime Dreamy Bedroom | Linzeelu Thank You

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime "Pardon My French" | Linzeelu Thank You

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime 4th Arrondissement | Linzeelu Thank You

Wanderlust | Paris In Springtime Kitchen Bleu| Linzeelu Thank You

manger | vert toujours | For dreamers | Getting Cheeky | 4th Arrondissement | kitchen bleu

I will make it there someday. Until then, I can only dream. And take recommendations! Any can’t miss spots? Favorite cafe or bistro? Must visits?


Happy Wednesday – half way there!


Linzeelu, Thank You

Happy Guest Post Day! | 3.28.14

Hey all! I am guest blogging over on my friend’s blog tomorrow morning. Check out Stilettos & Diaper Bags for a fabulous Fashion To Front Room post inspired by her Dream Closet board on Pinterest!

Here is a little sampler (or a little dessert if you are coming over from Lisa’s blog):

What is a closet without the incredibly important LBD?! We all need one (or 2….. or 3!) It’s chic, it’s sophisticated and it makes us feel amazing. Find a room and let an LBD (or a BBD (figuratively speaking, of course), depending on how much B you like)  create that same feeling in your home.

Fashion To Front Room: The LBD | Linzeelu Thank You

1 | 2

Wishing you a great weekend!


Linzeelu, Thank You

Monday Mood: So Fresh & So Clean | 3.24.14

It’s Spring (or so they tell me)! The color palette of the season is undoubtedly pastel, but can it be anything more than what we dye our Easter Eggs?

Oh. Yes.

So Fresh & So Clean | Pastel Tumblers | Linzeelu Thank You


Pastels are light & airy.

so fresh and so clean | mint kate spade crossbody | linzeelu thank you


They brighten and invigorate.

So Fresh & So Clean | Pastel Bedroom | Linzeelu Thank You


They charm and refresh.

Can pastels be anymore than something sweet? For sure. So on this Monday, I hope you find yourself feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready for the week ahead! So fresh & so clean, clean….

i tumble for you | kate of course | sweet dreams

Wishing you a great week,

xx, Linzeelu, Thank You


Clear Skies | 3.19.14

It’s a rainy day today, but I am hoping it clears up soon and the sun comes back!

And speaking of clear, sometimes the perfect addition to your room or wardrobe is no color at all! Have you ever thought of going clear??

Clear Rolling Shelf | Linzeelu Thank You

Clear Ring Tree | Linzeelu Thank You

clear kartell ghost chair | Linzeelu Thank You

Clear Handbag | Linzeelu Thank You

1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Why clear? Well, in the home, it provides function (example: seating, table, etc) without obstructing anything visually. It’s ideal for small spaces, but looks great anywhere! In the dining room below, imagine wood chairs that match the dining room table. The overall look would be much heavier, bulkier and darker. The clear Ghost chairs keep things light and airy because they visually don’t add any weight (note: this does NOT work in clothing. wink wink).

Decorating with Clear Ghost Chairs | Linzeelu Thank You

I think we can all imagine what clear cloths would look like on us, but what about clear accessorizing. If we’re talking bangles & baubles, it has the same affect as the above described chairs. If we’re talking clutch/purse/handbag, the effect is a modern/whimsical meetup that lets you decide if your carryall will actually carry all (or very little indeed). A clear purse gives the option of accessorizing with all the fun make up and trinkets that are usually hidden in our bags or forces us to pare down to the bare minimum.

Clear Bag | Linzeelu Thank You

dining room | outfit accessory

So, I ask again… Do you do clear? Personally, I love ghost chairs and want some for my very own. I can’t quite get behind the clear purse trend, but I may make an exception for one of these:

Clear Chanel Bag | Linzeelu Thank You

And here are some really neat Etsy stores making them by hand: Shop Here!


Waiting for the clouds to part,


Linzeelu, Thank You

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, America: The Bachelor Edition | 3.12.14

Welp, the world is buzzing about Juan Pablo and his massive douchiness. After last night’s finale and Live Follow Up Show, how can anyone speak of anything else (What plane? What Ukraine? What missing little girl)?

Juan Pable Bachelor | Linzeelu Thank You


I’m not going to go into the specifics of both shows, just that you brought this on yourself, America. At the end of last season’s Bachelorette, Chris B Harrison announced that due to overwhelming demand from the viewership, Juan Pablo was to be the next bachelor.


If you watched the Bachelorette, like I did, you learned literally NOTHING about JP except that he had a daughter (which he casually mentions like 10 weeks in) and that Des like’s his sexy Latin accent. That was it. If you googled him you found out he used to play soccer. Yet America demanded that he be the next bachelor, because he is like, so cute.

I was not interested in JP becoming the next bachelor. Not when he did his bit chasing after birds on the beach, and not even as I watched this season, hoping against hope with each episode that somewhere in there was a good, decent man waiting to show himself. And each episode he descended farther and farther into his selfishness, his “language barrier” excuses & his unending douchiness (Most recent example –> To Clare: (and I paraphrase) “I don’t really know you, but I like bleep-ing you”). He was there for the booty. And yes he ended up with Nicki (by “default”?), but she looked like a little bird with a broken wing that he keeps in a cage. What happened to pediatric Nurse Nicki? (And with a bestie in that exact field, I know you need to be tough as nails to do that job). Fly away, Nicki! Fly away!

So I hope you’re happy with this season of the Bachelor, America, because you demanded it.

And yes, I know I consumed the product they were selling, but I tune in for cutie Chris B Harrison, who I have been a fan of since Designer’s Challenge. Boom.

Chris Harrison Bachelor | Linzeelu Thank You


Based solely on this season’s Bachelor, you are no longer allowed to decide things for yourself, America. Chris B Harrison & the Bachelor producers will take it from here.

Doing this for your own good,

Linzeelu, Thank You