Trendspotting: Cut It Out | 04.29.14

Cut outs are nothing new, but laser cutting has been making a bold statement lately! The intricate cut outs created by laser cutting are soft and feminine, but at the same time striking and elegant. They show some skin, but not too much. They are playful, but not junior. Laser cut details add a certain je ne sais pas to any look and they are hitting all the right notes this spring!

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how do you rock your laser cut?


Linzeelu, Thank You

Clear Skies | 3.19.14

It’s a rainy day today, but I am hoping it clears up soon and the sun comes back!

And speaking of clear, sometimes the perfect addition to your room or wardrobe is no color at all! Have you ever thought of going clear??

Clear Rolling Shelf | Linzeelu Thank You

Clear Ring Tree | Linzeelu Thank You

clear kartell ghost chair | Linzeelu Thank You

Clear Handbag | Linzeelu Thank You

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Why clear? Well, in the home, it provides function (example: seating, table, etc) without obstructing anything visually. It’s ideal for small spaces, but looks great anywhere! In the dining room below, imagine wood chairs that match the dining room table. The overall look would be much heavier, bulkier and darker. The clear Ghost chairs keep things light and airy because they visually don’t add any weight (note: this does NOT work in clothing. wink wink).

Decorating with Clear Ghost Chairs | Linzeelu Thank You

I think we can all imagine what clear cloths would look like on us, but what about clear accessorizing. If we’re talking bangles & baubles, it has the same affect as the above described chairs. If we’re talking clutch/purse/handbag, the effect is a modern/whimsical meetup that lets you decide if your carryall will actually carry all (or very little indeed). A clear purse gives the option of accessorizing with all the fun make up and trinkets that are usually hidden in our bags or forces us to pare down to the bare minimum.

Clear Bag | Linzeelu Thank You

dining room | outfit accessory

So, I ask again… Do you do clear? Personally, I love ghost chairs and want some for my very own. I can’t quite get behind the clear purse trend, but I may make an exception for one of these:

Clear Chanel Bag | Linzeelu Thank You

And here are some really neat Etsy stores making them by hand: Shop Here!


Waiting for the clouds to part,


Linzeelu, Thank You

Trendspotter: Stripes On Stripes | 9.12.13

Stripes is one thing. But stripes on stripes… whole new ballgame.

stripes on stripes | Linzeelu Thank You

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I love trends that include mixing patterns (after all, normal is boring). I think they key to this one is different size and/or different orientated stripes. Some big, some small. Some vertical, some horizontal. It works in your closet & in your home! Will you be layering stripes any time soon?

Get it for yourself:

stripes on stripes


Happy Thursday!


Linzeelu, Thank You