What I’m Watching: Breaking Bad | 10.17.13

I know, I know. Breaking Bad has ended its run. And what a magnificent run it was. If you haven’t watched the series or aren’t through yet, please watch – it is an incredible show! No spoilers here though – this post is all about the inspiration from the mood, set and the costumes of the show.

Breaking Bad was intense but charming. It was family-centric (in its drug empire kind of way). It had relatable characters who often had to deal with very real consequences for their actions. And being set in the Albuquerque desert town provided some spectacular southwestern scenery!

What I'm Watching: Breaking Bad | Linzeelu Thank You

BB shot 1 | scarf | shades | blue wall BB Shot 2  | rug | tote | jacket 

What I'm Watching: Breaking Bad | Linzeelu Thank You

Marie & Hank | earringspillow | poster | scenery | Skyler | cardiganspot to sit | ring 


What is your opinion on southwestern details & design?


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