Fashion To Front Room: Oscar’s Redux | 3.3.14

To know me is to love me. And to love me is to accept me and all my quirks. One of my many quirks is my love of the Hollywood award season and there is no show bigger than the Oscars. I am fully aware that it is a room full of privileged people congratulating themselves all night. But I like to consider that a quirk. And to love something is to accept it. (see what I did there….)

In honor of last night’s show, I want to start out my Oscar celebration with a celebration of some of my favorite looks from the past years of the Academy Awards.

I want to start with Michele Williams from 2006. I don’t know the designer because I don’t care, but I will never forget the statement she made in this gorgeous goldenrod. It’s a rich & buttery color, and it sang in the spotlight of the red carpet. Don’t be afraid to put this color on display in your own home!

Fashion To Front Room Oscars Redux | Linzeelu Thank You

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Penelope Cruz was an absolute stunner in this saccharine tight & fluffy number in 2007. I honestly thought she was a princess. And this was the thought of a 24 year old woman. But can you blame me?

Fashion To Front Room Oscars Redux | Linzeelu Thank You

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Say what you want about Miss Anne Hathaway (i will say that I LOVE her), but her 2009 column dress of slightly sparkly Ivory awesomeness is a picture of grace and timelessness. And considering that ivory and metallic shine are classic neutrals, it’s a lesson you can take to your wardrobe and your home. 

Fashion To Front Room Oscars Redux | Linzeelu Thank You

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And there’s something to be said about being bold & beautiful in such a simple silhouette. I adore Jen in this red number and I think it’s another testament to the beauty of classic colors/pieces/silhouettes. There’s a reason they’re called classics!

Fashion To Front Room Oscars Redux | Linzeelu Thank You

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So there you have it. My favorite looks and an idea for how to use it in your home. More Oscar goodies coming up this week, including a celebration of last night’s looks and my favorite Oscar winner looks (as it turns out, no winners in the above list).

Are you a fan of the Oscars?


Linzeelu Thank You